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Welcome to Lotus Natural Spa! Just relax and dream of the sun, the beach and the sea…..choose from our wide range of massage treatments and facial treatments and leave all the stress behind. Relax to the scent of warm herbal compress during a Thai Massage or simply unwind during an aromatherapy massage – these treatments and many more are offered on our website. Enjoy getting pampered and experience total relaxation at Lotus Natural Spa – a touch of Asia right here in Switzerland!


I was always fascinated by Asia

 The zest for life, the light-heartedness, the food, the sun and the sea – it can’t be compared to any other place. After more than 6 years in Thailand, I have decided to move back to my home country and by opening my own little sanctuary, I would like to bring a touch of Asia to Switzerland. In Thailand, I attended many massage courses and I have been trained by experienced massage teachers. At my Spa, you will be able to relax and unwind to the sound of relaxing music, while enjoying our treatments. Lotus Natural Spa offers two rooms, one for Footmassage and one (incl. shower) for Aromatherapy Massage, Cream Massage, Thai Massage, Scrubs and Facial Treatments.


Relax with a Thai massage to the scent of warm herbal stamps or simply let your mind wander with an aromatherapy massage

Facial Treatments

All treatments start with a cleansing procedure, followed by a soft peeling, facial mask, facial massage as well as moisturizer. During the facial treatment, you will enjoy a soft arm, leg and neck massage.

Deep cleansing (50min)

Relaxing facial treatment with seaweed mask as well as aloe vera moisturizer. For all skin types.

CHF 75.-

Deep cleansing & herbal compress (60min)

Relaxing facial treatment with seaweed mask, a herbal compress treatment as well as aloe vera moisturizer. For all skin types.

CHF 90.-

Body Scrubs

(ladies only) Exfoliaton helps the natural skin cell renewal process, enhances the blood circulation and helps the body to flush away toxins. It ensures soft and smooth skin

Lavender Salt Scrub (30min)

Cleansing scrub, for cell renewal, with a relaxing lavender scent

CHF 45.-

Coffee Scrub (30min)

Exfoliating and nourishing scrub with coffee extracts

CHF 45.-

Milk and Honey Scrub (30min)

Soft scrub with pure honey and milk, nourishing and relaxing

CHF 45.-

Hot Stone Massage

(ladies only)

Hot Stone Massage (90min)

Warm basalt stones are used in this massage. Hot stone massage is combined with aromatherapy massage, which means that you can enjoy the soothing effect of essential oils and massage, as well as the muscle relaxing effect of heat.

CHF 145.-

Hot Stone Massage with body drainage (110min)

During the hot stone massage, it is complemented by body drainage. The organism is drained, detoxified, purified and the balance of the lymphatic system is restored.

CHF 165.-

Foot Scrub and Massage

Foot massage is based on the principles of reflexology, linking the reflex zones on the feet to organs and systems in the body. It is beneficial for the relief of tension headaches as well as a poor blood circulation.

Foot Reflexology (50min)

CHF 80.-

Foot Scrub and aromatic foot massage (60min)

CHF 90.-


(ladies only) The therapeutic action of the essential oils, together with the revitalizing effect of the massage stimulate all the organs of the body, the skin, muscles and even nerves. It enhances the blood circulation and also assists in clearing away the body toxins.

Aromatherapy Massage full body (60min)

CHF 100.-

Thai Massage

(ladies only) The Traditional Thai Massage has been taught and practiced for generations in Thailand. It combines acupressure and stretching, using the therapist’s fingers, thumbs, elbows, arms and feet, allowing the body’s internal energy to flow. It helps to alleviate conditions such as lower back pain, arthritis, headache as well as stress-related conditions.

Traditional Thai Massage (60min)

CHF 85.-

Thai Massage with herbal compress (80min)

After the Thai Massage, the treatment will be continued with a herbal compress technique for deep relaxation as well as to improve the blood circulation

CHF 110.-

Neck and Shoulder Massage

Helps to relieve neck and shoulder tension.

Neck and Shoulder Massage (20min) ​

CHF 30.-

Neck and Shoulder Massage (30min)

CHF 45.-

10% special offer

Buy a package of 10 treatments and pay for only 9.

Enjoy 10 x - PaY 9 x


Hot Stone Massage (ladies only)
  • 10x Hot Stone Massage (90min) CHF 1,305.-
  • 10x Hot Stone Massage with Bodydrainage (110min) CHF 1,440.-
Facial Treatments
  • 10x Deep cleansing or Collagen Rejuvenation (50min) CHF 675.-
  • 10x Deep cleansing & herbal compress (60min) CHF 810.-
Body Scrubs (ladies only)
  • 10x Lavender Salt Scrub, or Milk and Honey Scrub, or Coffee Scrub (30min) CHF 405.-
Foot Massage
  • 10x Foot Reflexology (50min) CHF 720.-
  • 10x Foot Scrub and Foot Reflexology massage (60min) CHF 810.-
Aromatherapy Massage (ladies only)
  • 10x Aromatherapy Massage full body (60min) CHF 900.-
Thai Massage (ladies only)
  • 10x Thai Massage (60min) CHF 765.-
  • 10x Thai Massage with herbal compress (80min) CHF 990.-
Neck and Shoulder Massage
  • 10x 20min CHF 270.-
  • 10x 30min CHF 405.-

10 for

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